Contract Manufacturing

As a contract manufacturer, Primacy works with reputed and credible brands in order to provide excellent quality products with unbeatable benefits mainly for Indian brands. It is impossible to put into words what our capabilities are as the numbers speak for themselves. In addition to shipping over 10,000 containers to international markets, Primacy has also served more than 40,000 stores. Primacy has a presence in more than 200,000 outlets throughout pan India and Globally .

Expert and on-time delivery strategies, logistic advantages due to distribution network, selectively sourced raw material, an expert design team at your fingertips etc., are few of the significant reasons why our clients choose to outsource the job to us.

The product, from design phase through to manufacturing also goes through various stringent Quality and International standards tests before the dispatch. All-in-all we provide an absolute turnkey product that is ‘Ready for the global Market’ in all but a completely hassle free process

Our Clients

Primacy Industries

Primacy Industries is a leading contract research and manufacturing services company with a catalogue of over 600 distinct personal care products — including products for body care, skin care and hair care. We work with leading international brands providing end-to-end solutions — from R&D to sourcing of raw materials to product development to supply chain.

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Mr. Sundar Prabhu

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Mr. Shekar Rai

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Mr. Prashanth Sali

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