US Private Label

With a gradual and steady agenda, we entered the United States market in 2005, and it has since then been on the up and up. With a manufacturing and sales unit set in 2017 in the US we have successfully ventured into and set a strong foundation to become one of the world’s largest Private Label & Contract Manufacturer. 

We have also expertised to combine proven strategies for success of brands associated with us in order to meet our client’s goals and ultimately its customers satisfaction, having presence in over 50,000 US retail outlets.

Our range of products vary from Candles , Aerosols for Air care, Personal Care, Home care, Industrial and Professional needs as well as Fragrances and more.

Our Clients

Primacy Industries

Primacy Industries is a leading contract research and manufacturing services company with a catalogue of over 600 distinct personal care products — including products for body care, skin care and hair care. We work with leading international brands providing end-to-end solutions — from R&D to sourcing of raw materials to product development to supply chain.


Umesh MT

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