Primacy Industries - Private Label & Contract Manufacturer


Primacy Industries is perhaps the only private label/contract manufacturer in India which has its own full-fledged R&D team working in the air care category.

We closely work with all our customers to provide the best possible product in the most cost-effective way.

As we aspire to be the one-stop solution for all your product needs in Air Care category for room freshening, fragrance generation and deodorants, we constantly strive to provide the best aromatic combinations and colour combinations.

Our R&D team is continuously engaged in the process of innovative creation. It is always in the process to create something from nothing and anything, and find newer identities for what might otherwise be just a mere combination of color, light and fragrance. And then, this creation undergoes an appropriate period of fine-tuning before it is presented to the world, in its best and most beautiful form.

We deliver brilliance to your business in the form of aroma and beauty!!