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welcome to the world of candles - primacy

Primacy Industries is one of the largest manufacturer of innovative, quality scented candles in the world. It manufacturers various type of perfumed candles such as pillars, jars, cups, tealights, votives etc. in varying sizes, shape and colours. It offers a wide variety of decorative fragranced candles that are produced from premium quality raw material and combined with the art and science of candle formulation hence they burn cleanly and safely for long period.

Candles are no longer used only for lighting. They find a place in cultures, people's passion and decor in homes. Candles that waffle your heart, soothe your senses and bring glow to your surroundings, have something aesthetic about them. Know more about candles, welcome to the world of candles, the world of Primacy Industries.

Awards & Achievements

At Primacy, we have been well rewarded for our pursuit of excellence.

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A methodical and systemized process of quality control is inextricably linked..

5s Management

The 5s Management approach is integrated throughout our systems..


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